EDITORIAL WORK includes copy editing, proofreading, manuscript evaluations, revisions, and complete editorial work on following examples:

Edvance Research, San Antonio - editorial work on educational project: Definitions of Rural: Considerations for Educational Policy, Research, and Practice

Texas. Texas has the lowest priority ranking (#16) among the five states in the REL-Southwest Region even though it has the largest number of students attending rural schools in the country. Of greatest concern are (a) low rural per pupil property wealth, (b) a high percentage of the rural population who speaks English “less than very well,” and a (c) a high percentage of rural households changing residences in the previous 15 months.

The rankings from Why Rural Matters 2005 point to challenges rural schools in the REL-Southwest Region face in achieving the goals of NCLB. They also provide an indication of the diversity of rural schools and the challenge policymakers face in developing policies aimed at improving educational outcomes.

Texas Senate Research Center
• During legislative sessions, and during interim, summarized and edited all committee hearings during interim with 24-hour turnaround during session, including side-by-side comparisons and bill analyses.
• Wrote and edited articles for Clearinghouse, the Texas Senate’s in-house magazine; Highlights; and Under the Dome.
• Payday and Sale Leaseback Loans; Eyes of Texas are Upon You: Gauging the Pulse of Privacy; Moratorium on Trucks Ends; The Economy of the Longview-Marshall Metropolitan Statistical Area. Special reports and projects included and available (PDF) via www.senate.state.tx.us/SRC/Index.htm, include: Texas Teens on the Road to Adulthood; Translating Traffic Woes to Traffic Goes: The View from Here.

Texas Department of State Health Services, Texas Health Steps Online Provider Education, Pediatric Hematology:When to Refer 2013  – Writer and editor for continuing education module for Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, through Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing agency, with Laura Tuma, Editorial Director.
• Over-Referral to Pediatric Hematologists was the rationale for creating this particular continuing education module for primary care pediatricians.

Pediatric Hematology Oncology is a broad and complex area that encompasses perturbations of the several-formed elements of the blood and their precursors in the bone marrow, as well as the coagulation-fibrinolytic systems in the plasma, the reticuloendothelial system, and malignancies of the blood and solid tissues and organs. The interactions of the blood and nutrition have long been important areas of study. Advances in Pediatric Oncology have been particularly spectacular in the last 50 years.”(Pearson)

(from the video by Bean):Therefore, abnormalities in the white cells, red cells, and platelets can create anxiety and fear of cancer for the primary care physician as well as families. However, abnormalities of only one of the white cells, red cells, or platelets are seldom leukemia or other oncologic disorders. In fact, childhood cancer is rare; the reported incidence for children age 15 years and younger in the United States is approximately one case in 7,000. Anemia is the most common pediatric hematological disorder. But because the words hematologist and oncologist are often hyphenated, referral for any reason can create a great deal of apprehension in parents and their children.    

The University of Texas at Austin, IC2 Institute.

IC2 Institute, an educational think tank with the mission of solving problems in order to accelerate wealth and job creation and promote shared prosperity at home and abroad. The Institute evaluates the proposal in a report with recommendations and steps to take as well as looking at development and commercialization strategies.
Edited the following scientific papers for review by the
• In-Vitro growth of Jatropha for production of oils, by Lucia Atehortua, Universidad de Antioquia. The technology appears to have a great deal of value currently with the future production of designer oils and perhaps some in the distant future, with biofuels.
• Desol                                                                                                                        
• Gasification                                                                            
• Green Diesel
• Polygeneration/Fischer-Tropsch     

Russell Sage Foundation, Program on the Future of Work
Edited the following proposal for research on "Geographical Consequences of the Deceleration of Middle-Skill Job Growth in the United States" for consideration by the Russell Sage Foundation.

Gang Li, Ph.D. Bentley University, Massachusetts, USA, 02452
Hongxun Jiang, Tian He, Youming Pang. Decision Models for Workforce and Equipment Planning in Service Management

Tocquigny, Austin, TX - editorial work.
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